Heidi’s Wonderful Waffles!

What child (of any age) doesn’t love waffles???


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Leek & Blue Cheese Creme Brulee

After toasting the tops of dozens of eggs with our new blow torch (and having a blast!!!),  it was time to move on to another recipe where we could use our favorite kitchen toy. Having watched a t.v. chef making a classic custard and using a hand-held torch to crisp the sugars on top, my little sous decided he’d found his dish!


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Cherry Clafoutis

This fancy French dessert really grabbed the attention of my little sous chef during a recent episode of Junior Masterchef Australia. When we saw the first YouTube clip, I wondered how he would relate to the contestants, all of whom are 2-3 times his age, and the dishes they would prepare. His immediate response was an enthusiastic, “I can do that, too!” And so our adventure into a new-to-us French dessert began . . . .


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Little Hands really CAN create Big Flavors!

As a mom and a teacher, I know that children are capable of SO much more than most adults believe is possible. As a food lover, it just breaks my heart to hear stories of parents who feel they must suffer through bland, boring, repetitive meals or splurge on unhealthy fast food in order to appease a picky eater.

I’ve amassed innumerable photos that prove to all the doubters that it is possible to prepare and share a wide variety of great meals with children. Now, it’s time for me to quit collecting the pictures (and quit bugging my very patient husband with all my stories!) and put them out there to hopefully inspire others to invite the little hands in their home to join them in the kitchen.

Let the cooking adventures begin!